paul campbell

Singer - song - writer - guitarist

At the age of sixty, Paul Campbell has recorded his debut album, Loose Gravel. It is a collection of 12 songs selected from four decades of song writing.
Producer Rick Taylor will tell you that it was a challenge choosing which songs from Paul's large body of work to include on the album, and which ones to save for the next project.
No one is sure why it took this long to capture Paul's music on record. He helped fuel the Southern Ontario Folk boom in the early seventies with his live music coffee house in Hamilton, Ontario. He was a contemporary of Stan Rogers and the late, great Willie P Bennett -  his close friend and mentor. Paul was once a regular on the club and festival circuit but he gradually became a reluctant performer; prone to stage fright, then finally a musical recluse.

Legendary Singer Song Writer Paul Campbell

Debut CD release, “Loose Gravel”,40 years, not too late...

Paul Campbell in concert circa 1973

With the encouragement of long time musical collaborator Rick Taylor, the recording has finally happened. Major musical contributions come from keyboardist Ed Roth, drummer Bucky Berger, and guitarist/producer Rick Taylor.  The album also features performances by world champion harmonica maestro Carlos Del Junco, and the ethereal harp and violin playing of Sahra Featherstone. Paul's distinctive, finger style guitar weaves it all together on an eclectic musical journey -  exploring themes of love, loneliness, and the places in between. The production flows seamlessly between several styles of contemporary folk pop, rock and traditional, acoustic music elements - displaying the breadth of Paul’s songwriting abilities

Many of Paul's musical peers consider him one of the finest songwriters going, and his catchy songs are often performed by other artists and fans including David Bradstreet and Willie P. Bennett.